Hello chess world!!! My name is Sebastian Silverstein. My alter-ego is "Exquisite Fairy" because I am a mysterious dancer. I really, really, really love dancing along with puppies, kittens, flowers, gerbils, the Lifetime channel, poetry and of course, I just looooove chocolate. I work as a hair stylist and a massage therapist, both part-time. I wish I could have been a flight attendant, but I'm just soooo afraid of turbulance. My special frequent flyer friend says it's just "potholes in the sky." But that just doesn't seem to sooth my sensitive personality. I also hoped to be an actor where I live in Hollywood, but at a few auditions, I have been told that I have no talent and that I'm putrid. Isn't that really mean!? One scout told me that he wanted to pour gasoline all over himself, light himself on fire and jump out a window. He said that the only thing that stopped him was the fact we were on the ground level. That was just uncalled for!! I'm just out of a very difficult relationship and could really use some friends to talk to. My hobbies include ballet and other styles of dancing. I like crafts but I'm just not very skilled. Oh fudge! Thanks so much for reading my profile and please, don't be a stranger! Ta Ta!