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omg bob ross is dead!!!!

People I dislike: 

Scammers - @BossOfMass

Created a very fake giveaway, saying he was going to give a 70000 dollar rolex and a ps5 to someone if they followed and posted a blog to follow him, then created a alt account that won the tournament and It was also obvious because the account was created about 5 days ago and never followed or made any blogs.

Favorite Quote -  

You fool. You absolute buffoon. You muffinhead. You potatobrain. Do you REALIZE what you have done? You've just been utterly and absolutely bamboozled by the absolute mastery that is this me executing this play. You thought you had even a smidge of a chance, but you never have. I've been running circles around you the whole time. Bow down to me, peasant. For you have just been outplayed in every single way imagineable.

- @ChessNerd1320

Not joining any more clubs, gonna leave some, but not joining any more for a bit