In this about me section, I am going to write an essay explaining why Jailbreak is the best experience on the ROBLOX platform. Let's begin with the fact that Jailbreak has had one of the highest player counts for 5 years. Sure, it isn't as popular as it was when first released, but every game loses a good chunk of players as time goes on. But Jailbreak has maintained a good 20 to 30 thousand players at the time of writing. This is due to consistent work on the game by devoted developers, asimo3089 and badcc. There are many new features added to the game on a regular basis and that's what keeps players coming back for more. Another reason why Jailbreak is hugely successful is the quality of the said features being added. They aren't just your classic ROBUX grabbing gamepass. Every update you can expect to see improvements to the game, whether that be new vehicles, or new robberies. With the latest update being trading, players gained the ability to trade the vehicles they have obtained over the past 5 years. The only problem with Jailbreak is that the amount of angry children going through puberty is... a lot. You get a lot of threats from kids. But hey, it wouldn't be ROBLOX if you didn't get those! Jailbreak has also been accepted as one of the best games on ROBLOX, with the collaboration between ROBLOX and Jazwares producing several Jailbreak themed sets. Jailbreak has also been nominated for the Bloxy's several times. Many big ROBLOX youtubers have played Jailbreak and made content on it. Overall, Jailbreak is one of the greatest games that was ever made on ROBLOX.