In the realm of knights and rooks I wander,
Faux, a name, in French means false yonder.
For errors made, yet lessons learned,
Experience gained, as boards are turned.

With open heart, I offer aid,
In talents deep or listening trade.
A chess enthusiast five years strong,
My prowess hovers 1000 to 1300 long.

🌸✨Kindness matters in this life we share,
Respect and empathy, please take care. ✨🌸

A music lover, two hours a day,
Creating tunes and melody's play.
From Lafourcade to Mtukudzi's muse,
Two thousand artists form my vibrant ruse.

Instruments varied grace my hands,
Piano🎹, trumpet🎺, percussion 🪘 that stands.
And sometimes flute, French horn or choir finds voice,
In my eclectic orchestra of choice.

Adobe qualified and versed in design,
Cybersecurity knowledge is also mine.
Math and science, interests run high,
Chemistry🥼 and geometry🧮 reach for the sky.

Dyslexic, yet unbowed I stand,
Writing, speaking - a helping hand.
For friends with diverse learning needs,
I navigate life through different seeds.

A military child with nomad soul,
Ten homes has shaped my worldly goal.
From Japanese lands💮 to Texas state,
The world around me now holds my fate.

On two wheels or on dance floor feet,
Martial arts and fresh-cooked treats.
My hobbies vast from paint to chess ♕,
With friends I savor each moment blessed.

Call me Steve Jobless  if you please ✨✨ ✨
But kindness treasured in DMs with ease.
Any questions asked respectfully will find
The open heart and giving mind.