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Teodoro Primero
Tallinn, Estonia
Jul 10, 2009
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20 hrs ago

My chess history: :-)

My father showed me how to play chess, when i was small. But when i got 13, somewhy i fell in love with chess, and studyed on my own for  one year. Read several books, played dozens of famous games etc.  I quit probably because of lack of partners. A few people who played with me coudn't play well, my daddy as well... And i got rid of playing with myself. We lived in a village, and in 1995-1996 we of course didn't have a computer and internet... And now, almost 15 years later, I felt that I want to play chess and maybe even might  have a  bit of progress in it! I do not live anymore in a village and do have internet! :) But still do not have the chesslovers friends! So if somebody will plan to visit Estonia - welcome and contact me! :)

I' like to play fast chess. Do not like to wait for a move  a couple of days. But often I play being at work, so sometimes when I'm online you can wait a bit for my move.

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