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Laurie Trlak
Huntington, IN, United States
Aug 30, 2008
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5 hrs ago
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I'm just a beginner, but I've always been interested in learning to play chess. I just haven't had the opportunity until now. I am an insurance agent and violinist, and I play in the Huntington University Chamber orchestra as a community member.
I studied music education at Ball State University from 1998=2000, and I earned my bachelor of science in health care administration at Grand Canyon University Online in 2013. I have also done graduate work in public health, although eye problems caused by multiple sclerosis made doing all the reading required of a master's degree impossible.
I am married with three grown children and nine grandchildren.
One of my favorite chess openings is the Sicilian Defense, although I have yet to explore all the variations.
I first became interested in chess when I was in high school, and my parents bought me some books about how to  play, including different openings and finished games by GMs. Unfortunately I didn't have anyone to play against, and I never thought of joining the chess club at school, so I didn't play for a long time as an adult.
I love the challenge of chess, and the benefits of the game for the brain, especially as a person with multiple sclerosis. I am slowly learning to look at the whole board before I make a move, trying to anticipate what my opponent will do next, although I still have *much* to learn!

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