Hello, I'm findlefish. I'm a 9 year old kid living in New Jersey. 

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Clubs you should join:

BillyBobs RULE

Yeah, the BillyBobs, an army led by @DuoRay, is a club for people who are the best. You will learn more by clicking on this link.

BillyBob School

Ok, another BillyBob club. Join BillyBobs RULE before you join this club.

More BillyBobs

Yeah, I know, all the clubs I'm recommending are Billybob Clubs. But who cares?

BillyBob Army

Ok, the last club I'm recommending is another BillyBob club. Sorry if you are sick with BillyBobs.

Anyways, time to move to some other stuff. Like memes and stuff.

I know you...

1. Are Breathing

2. Are alive

3. Are online

4. Are reading my description if you see this

6. Didn't notice I skipped 5

7. Doesn't think that I'm older than my mom.

5. Didn't expect me to fill 5 back in

9. Didn't notice I skipped 8

10. You didn't expect me to not fill 8 back

11. You don't know my password.

12. You didn't know I don't know my Password and just use google

13. Didn't know that you will want to stop reading this

14. Maybe not

15. Yeah maybe not

16. Or maybe so

8. You forgot that I didn't write 8 earlier so I'm filling it back

How did you like that? How about some more? Wait, I don't have any more stuff, sorry.