Diamond Member Coach

Hey Everyone,
My name is Bence, an International Master from Hungary!
I won the youth Hungarian Championship many times and the Youth Blitz European Championship once.
I do love chess and that's why I am so passionate about it and the reason I have been teaching it for the past 7 years.
Many of my students became Hungarian champions and International titleholders with my guidance!
I have also worked with Grandmasters (Olympians), helping with their openings, assisting them during tournaments. 
Why You should choose me as your coach :
- I know the ins and outs of even top-level grandmasters gameplay and methods
- I'll give you the analyzes I do for Grandmasters for FREE and provide you with many books in PDF and Chessbase files for FREE
- I'll design a full repertoire with both colors that fits you
- I'll teach you crucial middlegame strategies and everything you must know about endgames
- I will analyze your games, so you can learn from your mistakes and never make them again
I have also created two ten-hour-long video courses where I talk about positional chess and Initiative in chess.
You can grab both of them on this website! I hope you find them useful and valuable!
My hourly rate is 50 USD/hour. Package discounts are available!
 If you are interested in working with me, contact me at or send me a DM here on