Mar 14, 2018
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I used to play chess often with my dad for years. I think I beat him twice in all that time! He taught me the art of patience and forward thinking. I have decided to start playing (and learning!) again in honour of his memory and for the love of this great game.

When I am not playing chess you could find me working on my next digital painting (I painted my own Avatar for this site for the fun of it, the stately Knight in B&W), or with my nose in a good book! I love reading; in fact I devour books. I particular love science fiction and historical fiction. A dream of mine is to write and publish a novel one day.

I used to be a pro photographer, so I have a deep love for the beauty of art and the natural world we live in. 

So now that you know just a bit about me, go on...challenge me to a game or two. Just know that because my surname's Light I definitely prefer playing White!