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USCF Original LIFE Master 
(To get this title - you had to play 300 USCF rated tournament games ... without allowing your PUBLISHED rating to dip below 2200. USCF stopped awarding this title a number of years ago, they want you to aspire to the stupid FM title, instead.)   

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#1.)  A.J's Chess  and  #2)  LifeMasterAJ

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 "A cheater is just a loser pretending to be a winner."  - anonymous (But good!)  

"I find it easier to deal with my enemies, who tell me exactly what they think, than to talk with someone who is neither friend nor foe, who says very little." - Voltaire 

"An honest enemy is better than a deceitful friend." - Jewish proverb 
(Sun Tzu said something similar ... a long time ago.) 

BTW, I have always been fascinated by ancient wisdom and philosophers. I had several books on the American author, Mark Twain ... unfortunately, when I got evicted in 2015, they all got thrown into the trash.