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Hi there. I am FIDE Master Vakhidov Shakhzod, the CEO and Head Coach of Online Chess Academy - "Diamond Chess" in Brooklyn, New York. I am from a Famous Vakhidov family with 4 Titled Chess players. My father is GM Vakhidov Tair and My brother is GM Vakhidov Jakhongir. Btw, my brother is a Double Gold Medalist 🏅🏅 in the World Chess Olympiad 2022. I have been practicing Chess for over Fifteen years and have been training for over 7 years

I am a very active and dynamic player who has worked with many different coaches and coached himself. My specialty is mainly training Adult Chess Improvers (Regardless of their Level) to Competitive Level and Beginner young students to potential National Champion Level. Yes, I have several professional students (1900+ Rated) as well.
I offer lessons and training sessions at very reasonable rates.

Please reach out via EMAIL at to discuss scheduling, pricing, and any other concerns.

Teaching experience:

​​I offer an innovative training program to help you learn fast and become a better player. My success comes from combining a carefully designed dynamic powerful chess program for different skill levels from beginner to advanced with my extensive experience teaching and playing chess. I believe that the best training involves a combination of understanding the fundamentals and applying the lessons during a game session. The result is measured by your increased performance in tournaments and a higher rating in FIDE and USCF.
Most of my students were beginners (USCF Rated 500-1500 and Unrated) looking for someone to guide their way through tons of chess material available out there. Besides beginners, I've been successfully teaching 1600-2000 elo strength players and children.

One of My Best Students (University Student&Software Engineer) improved his rating by over 750 points (Phenomenal Result) in a 6-month period. Other Students on Average Gain around 300-400 points in 6-12 months depending on their level. Three of My younger level students became National Champions in their respective age Categories.

Playing experience:

I have been playing chess for over 15 years.
Participated successfully in a lot of international tournaments and achieved high places.
In 2015, I became the Champion of the Asian Chess Championship.
In 2018, FIDE(World Chess Federation) awarded me with FIDE Master Title.

Although FIDE Master, I am one of the top players in the online chess world competing with SuperGMs all over the world.
Defeated and drawn with top-level GMs and IMs in international and online chess tournaments.
Personal Best Victories against Top level Players:
- Danil Dubov (FIDE Rating: 2791 Blz)
- Alireza Firouzja ( FIDE Rating: 2778 )
- Dimitry Andreikin (FIDE Rating: 2729 )
- Vladimir Fedoseev (FIDE Rating: 2726 Blz)
- Erigaisi Arjun (FIDE Rating: 2725 )
- Oleksandr Bortnyk (FIDE Rating: 2723 Blz)
- Nihal Sarin (FIDE Rating: 2705 Blz)
- Daniel Naroditsy (USCF : 2700)

Played against Carlsen Magnus as well but Could not beat him at all. He Crushed me happy.png

Teaching methodology:

I'm using an individual approach for every student. I will work with you on all parts of the game, but the main focus will be on your weaknesses. I will detect them after analyzing carefully your games. I approach every student very individually, judging from their needs we work out a plan of what we are going to work on, and systematically work on improving the weakest links. Also, I believe it is highly important to analyze your own games to eliminate mistakes from repetition.
My teaching style is completely personalized and I adhere to the student's needs.
Lessons are chiefly based on correcting students' flaws by analyzing his/her or classical games.
During the lesson, the emphasis is put on the thinking process and psychology. I ought to share not only what I think about certain positions, but what chain of thoughts led me to that.