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I'm looking for people that have a rating higher than mine to play bullet chess with. Thanks. 

Disabled club invitations, you guys asked for it.

If I declined your rematch, it's because I'm mostly always in a bad mood, so sorry if I decline your rematch offer. 

Anyone who still invites me to their club gets an immediate block.  

I will only allow invites from official country clubs (e.g. Team Canada, Team U.S.A)

Also, if you do not wish to receive notifications about my posts, I encourage you to un-follow or un-friend me to stop receiving notifications. Thanks.

Also, I will not accept random challenges, I mostly only accept challenges if you are higher rated than me. If you want to play me, I will most likely not accept. 

Not accepting new Students. Sorry. If you are looking for teaching, I suggest you get lessons from @Gertsog or another very strong chess player. club: 

Another Club: 

Alright, formal talk out of the way, I'll say some of the other things that I desire to speak:

Respect the moderators of this site, they spend countless hours helping others and cleaning up messes and don't get the recognition they deserve. Respect them. Seriously. 

I highly recommend you finish your games if you are already not doing so since it's better than wasting someone else's precious time. For me, for you, and all the others on this site. 

Don't abort games because of someone's rating, as playing others with different ratings is another part of improving chess. Playing chess instead of aborting might positively impact your opponent because I know people that just want a good game of chess, and we have to respect that. If you are aborting your game(s) for a very rational reason, e.g. having to physically leave the device to help someone, or your opponent has in the past been a bad sport, then by all means go for it. If you don't like playing with people that are extremely different from your rating, then are settings in which you can adjust who you play. 


"Yo bro I beat a GM today!"

"Bro that's awesome! You're only an IM but you beat a GM!"


"Who did you beat?"


"Wait what"