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Chris Lott
Alaska, United States
Feb 23, 2009
Last Login
Mar 17, 2017

I'm a teacher, former philosopher and sometimes poet who happens to play chess in very convincing patzer fashion.

I think the legal-move enforcing analysis board is assistance and won't use it. I prefer to play others who play assistance-free, including databases (why not choose your own moves?), but it's your call.

Like: Monkeys! And stars, interstellar light, quantum entanglement, the sound leaves make in the dark as night sets in, the small hollow at the base of a woman’s neck, hip bones, ruins of Roman coliseums, emotion expressed in the eyes, emerald flaws, solipsism, recurrence, multiple infinities, infinity plus one, ruined and abandoned places I once inhabited, the gathering of dew, the perfect arch of an ecstatic back, monkeys, the rare knowledge that something is happening for the last time when it is happening, stone, the quiet moments after, missing teeth, fine blonde hair on a tan thigh, the sound keyboards make in the movies, decaying flowers, walking in the pitch-black night, my biological father’s face, epitaphs, dark matter, the technological singularity, Rothko canvases in the right light, caves, the sound of the sea in shells, forgotten ideas, the flow of auroral light, ligatures, spines and bowls, moonlight reflected on the wind-blown sea.

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