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 I am an international grandmaster from the Czech Republic. I have recently written a book My Chess World (Thinkers Publishing, 2020), containing my games, essays and observations. I am also a co-author of the book The Secret Ingredient, which has been written mostly by a Slovak GM Ján Markoš and published by Quality Chess in 2021. Currently I am (or at least should be) working on another book for Thinkers Publishing.

 I am less active on this account now, as I intend to play some important tournaments and do not want to reveal my preparation. Nowadays I only play from there from time to time to show that I am alive and in order.

 In April 2021 I learned that changing the animation speed from fast to none can save me some precious time. This has slightly reduced the number of my losses on time, which has been steadily high.

 Please forgive me for rejecting friendship requests. It is nothing personal, I am just not a big fan of social media and would find it strange to have hundreds of internet friends whom I don't really know, when I often lack time to meet my long-time friends in person. That said, I generally like other people (like you)!

Thank you for your understanding!