frederic pribyl
lorette, France
Nov 9, 2009
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Mar 7, 2013
I try to do my best but it is not still enough! If one of my move seems to you very bad, it is because it is very bad and because I doubtless have to play on my iphone in 10 seconds Otherwise I like beatles but not only, I also like lennon; mccartney; harrison; and even ringo (a little). My english is very poor. But I try little and I use on-line translator what explains the result very strange sometime. I am not a "lord of war" and accept easily the draw, well . . . . . . but if you don't accept my offer of draw , then that will go up to the checkmat The openings interest me but not always the middle game and endgame then i drop rather fast sometimes "And If you don’t know where you’re going Any Road will take you there" (Georges Harrison )
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