Oct 27, 2007
Last Online
May 14, 2010

I live in Washington, the great North West. In the land of the everlasting green. I have just recently picked up chess as a way to pass the time.... I have been off work since April 07', due to a work injury ( ruptured the two bottom discs ) and who knew I would find my next addiction. My other hobbies include photography ( old school style ), and use to be golf prior to the accident. Ever since then I have lost the ability to do most of the things that define a man in his supposed prime. Only through chess have I fond new meaning. I only wish it was in different circumstances. Very new to the game.... but addicted none the less! I try to play as often as I can. I just bought Chess master 10 and feel it has helped a lot. I am a very slow player so this avenue is perfect for me. My favorite opening is e4 with Sicilian Defense and Four Horse Opening..... from what I understand, it is pretty safe opening. At any time, either now or through my games, feel free to inform me of any knowledge you may bestow upon me.