Francesco Piantini
Sesto Fiorentino, FI, Italy
Jul 9, 2007
Last Login
Jan 19, 2016

Software engineer in a telecommunication company, currently I am working in developing embedded Linux systems. Outside of work I love to listen music, read books (my favourite genre is science fiction), go to cinema and play table tennis.

I love nature, especially I like to trek into beutiful wild places and photograph them. My favorite means of transport is bike. Last but not least, I'm pleasantly engaged in bring up my child, born in 2006.

I learned to play chess at the age of seven years. I played all life occasionally with friends and computer. My favorite book is Romanovskij's "Mitel' Spil'" published in Italy by Mursia with the title "Il centro di partita". The few things I know about middlegame strategy, comes from this book.

I am a member of the "A.D. Firenze Scacchi" Chess Club.

In this site, besides playing, in the past I was pleasantly engaged in contributing to the administration of the italian community affiliated in the Team Italia group.

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