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Frederick Brain

Right Now/Ahora Mismo, International
Apr 22, 2011
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2 hrs ago
IN A WORLD FILLED WITH OPTIONS WHY LIMIT YOURSELF TO HAVING AN EXPECTATION. The very spirit of IMAGINATION demands the redefinition of intelligence, if only to begin thinking like twenty first century brains, instead of eighteenth or nineteenth century ones. INTELLIGENCE THRIVES on Information/Knowledge. Information is as big a "mess" as is the material world it reflects and transforms. We embrace the mess, all of it. It's all LIFE. The "impossible things" are happening more quickly because we see and hear about them more often and at greater speed than ever before. Networking in The World Wide Web accelerates this type of process. News is heard in a flash, ideas get checked and re-checked, compared, compiled, discussed, and implemented. In THE MAYAN CALENDAR the ninth level is the Universal level beginning February 10, 2011, WE have developed the unlimited ability of Conscious Co-Creation. l absolutely take the idea of Manifesting Imagination literally. We, finally, are the artists of this immeasurable discourse. We create our Reality.(•8•) BUT It all starts with ONE. ONE "insane" person with a vision. If We can imagine it, then it's actually existing right now - we are actually looking into the possible. If there are multiple universes with multiple potential realities, then what we actually visualize already exists. It's not a vacuum we are imagining. When we imagine and visualize, we are actually punching holes into this other realm to take a look at what is going on on the other side. If enough holes are punched (by enough central nervous systems), then that particular reality seeps through, eventually pouring out into our own realty and manifesting. It's the process of dissolving boundaries. Things thought "impossible" are sealed concepts, until a few people dare to think otherwise. Once you realize that it's reachable, more and more people join in, gathering critical mass, and making it happen. lMAGINE Telekinesis, Teleportation, Dimensional Travel, Peace and Abolishing Scarcity. THESE THINGS ARE ALL POSSIBLE. We have the power to influence our environment and make things happen. Our Mind-Power capability is beyond even our own imaginations. IT IS LIMITLESS. We just weren't allowed to think that way, and after years of Mental Oppression only very few can extend their Mind-Power to do more than the average human. When you stop and think about it, We are all tiny gods on Earth. Our world is a mess and I IMAGINE the day when humanity feels empathy and love, abandons fear and breaks free from the chains of government or any other separatist point of view and stands united. WE have the power within us to make the difference in our world. It all begins with one single thought that agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all. Positve Energy Activates Constant Evolution. Peace and Much Love. Paz y Mucho Amor. Paix et Amour. Pace e Amore. Pace dragoste. Frieden und Liebe. Fred og kjærlighet. Fred och Kärlek. Vrede en Liefde. Rauha ja rakkaus. Mira i ljubavi. Mír a lásku.

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