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  • 😄Hello guys welcome to my pRofile. If you are reading this, Then don't forget to give me A tAcO Trophy.I love Tacos 🌮🌮🌮


                           I'm The dad guy..(・_・)

Here's some information about me!

Hey there, I'm Free.

-I’m free in the sense,Free from religion,free from social belief systems,free from physics weak body,free from eternal impurities,free from corruption.Literally free for all kinds of social and religious beliefs systems into which we’ve been prisoned.Im Free,you can get my heart for free.I give you my love as well as my hate for free,I take things for free(if granted),I give ppl things for free.I don’t expect anything.Im free-dom,I represent a free soul without impurities and Ego.

And it's nice to meet you. Some of my friends call me Manny. You can call me by any name you are comfortable with.Music is an important part of my life. Without Music,My life is just a movie without a voiceover..I have a lot of songs in my profile description, Make sure to check them out. Also I love playing musical instruments. They are Life savers. Whenever I'm sad or depressed,I would simply hear some good music to get back on the mood.

Normally I won't block people. Well if I did, Then you must've hurted my friends Or you must've violated TOS. If I had hurted/annoyed you in some way, Then please do accept my sincere apologies. Well if I annoyed you on purpose, Then get lost and block me,lol.😂

If someone is harassing or Abusing you, Make sure to contact SUPPORT and report that particular member as soon as possible. So that the Staffs would review your report and would take the required action on that particular account.

Thank you so much for spending your valuable time in my profile.
If I had been offline for a long time, Then please don't worry..I won't leave forever,I would surely come back one made me realize who I really am. And I have built a lot of unknown, Intimate relationships with people from all over the world.I have learnt a lot about chess. And I have received a lot of love from the community. People of the community are really nice.You will always remain in my thoughts,soon you guys will become a memory when I leave this site. If you can't spread love ,atleast Don't spread hate. Spread love as much as possible. Love is the only permanent thing in this world. Well if it isn't permanent. Then it isn't true love.


Some good quotes exclusively made by me. :0

  • "Be Brave, Be Handsome",
  • "Love is life, Love is everything",
  • "Don't waste time worrying about your mistakes instead use time correcting them."🤓
  • Don't let your Existence remain as a question mark(?),Let it become an exclamatory mark(!).  

Some unique pickup lines :-)

  • You just made Icebergs Jealous!
  •  You are the reason people are diabetic
  • Do  you wanna see an angel? Then Just go and look at the mirror .


 Copyrighted 21 act. You are allowed to use these lines for educational purposes. Do not claim right over this lines. Thank you.

{I reached 10,000 points on November 12, 2020}

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Some good inspirational quotes. ;-)

  • My Favourite song collections. You Can hear these songs when you are bored. These are My favourite collections.I still have a lot more in the list. Thank you for the support guys.



 Ed Sheeran,I don't need to say anything. You all know ❤️👌👏👏

Charlie Puth is just awesome. I really like his songs.

This is a cool song.👏👌👌

Should I even tell anything about this song?. Even though the movie was a hit, This song made it more popular. Movie "Call me by your name".

Just brilliant..👏

Another brilliant Song from Troye Sivan. And I'm straight.


A dedication to our men lol.

Camilla fans!! Here you go

Awesome 👏 

Dedicated to people who lost their lives due to corona virus from all over the world. Rest in peace



Loll. It's a cool song.

🙉🙉👏👏 This one is just Marvellous 

this is a good one



My Favourite.


Just melts my heart away.



Just beautiful.

Love the beat.

🤩🤩🤩👏 Applause to Luis fonsi




Quarantine.... Missing your loved ones? This one is just magical.

Ohk one more meme song tongue.png.

This is how we hear when native English speakers sing.😂😂. That's all for today. Have a great day.

I love her❤️