Frisco Del Rosario is a chess teacher and author.  He's written two chess books: A First Book of Morphy, demonstrating basic principles with games by the American champion; and Capablanca: A Primer of Checkmate, using games by the world champion to demonstrate the checkmating themes categorized by Renaud and Kahn in The Art of the Checkmate.  He is the editor at

A favorite topic on his blog is 960, which he believes is the logical future of chess, though he doesn't think it'll ever fully catch on because the publishers of opening books, and the woodshifters who depend on them will never let that happen..

Frisco has served three tours of duty as editor of the California Chess Journal, and is the only chess teacher to win the San Jose Mercury News award as teacher of the week. He is a Kivy framework hobbyist, and has written automated browser and Android tests for several Silicon Valley startups, and enjoys programming with the Chess Query Language.