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Frisco Del Rosario

San Mateo, California, United States
Feb 28, 2009
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Frisco Del Rosario is a chess and programming teacher, and also a writer of chess, baseball and basketball, other games.  He's written two chess books: A First Book of Morphy, demonstrating basic principles with games by the American champion; and Capablanca: A Primer of Checkmate, using games by the world champion to demonstrate the checkmating themes categorized by Renaud and Kahn in The Art of the Checkmate.

His latest projects are: maintaining WordPress sites with Bronstein Gambit games grouped by pattern, and Carlsen games that illustrate the critical difference between real and unreal threats; and revising A First Book of Morphy, and planning lessons for Scratch programming summer camps.

A favorite topic on his chess.com blog is 960, which he believes is the logical future of chess, though he doesn't think he'll see that day, because the criminals who sell openings knowledge will fight that progress (which renders their openings snake oil obviously useless) as long as they can.

Frisco has served three tours of duty as editor of the California Chess Journal, and is the only chess teacher to win the San Jose Mercury News award as teacher of the week. He writes automated browser and Android tests as a day job, and enjoys programming with the Chess Query Language.

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