I have played chess since 8 years old, teached by my father, and had many exciting hours over the chess table with him and my younger brother a long time ago!  34 years ago I bought a battery driven chess table and was quite excited over the opportunities at that time! Now digitalized chess has totally overtaking, and I only play board chess in vacations with my family, espec. my now 21 years son! He was by the way the one who introduced me for the magnificant world of, which I have been a gold member of since July 2010 ! For a long time I  strongly testing out my simultanious capacity with above 250 game as absolutely peak performance, in  January 2012 after headless joining into 2 simult. FAST Tournaments by lead  from superAdmin AWARDCHESS. He himself gave me an award in that respect back in early spring 2011 after having reached about 135 ongoing games!  Have been member of about 45 groups at most,  predominantly  been involved in team matches, and only quite few number of tournaments, and been excluded from the fastest of them, as they have a rule on max 6 hours pr move!

After an overloading reaction, I got a sort of playing and ranking level crisis reaction, and dropped drasticly in middle of March! Found it necessarry to quit a number of groups as well! Have now regained much of my earlier player level , just exceede  1550 ranking , and are now for the first time of early last year stepped down to nearly 100 simult. games! But my chess activity has decreased dramatically after having been involved in romance scamming activities after visiting a net site who showed up to be used by fake fantasy identities with huge money waisting in the wake!Money MouthYell

From June 2016 my main goal is to remain ranking above 1500 !

I have  in March 2024 reached a crisis ranking below 1300 after a significantly depressing drop in cognitive capacity