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"If someone wants to be in your life, they'll make an effort to be in it. Don't reserve your heart for someone who doesn't make the effort to say."This is a lesson I need to learn.


I am a proud Indian however I currently live in the USA.


I am definitely not your average person. I am very mature for my age (according to my friends), I love meeting new people and learning about their past, but I hate talking to new people, and I am not a Justin Bieber hater. That's just some of the reasons I'm not like your typical kid.


Computers, I love them. I love technology and everything. Computers are a way for me to express myself in a way I never previously could. That being said, computers cause pain and suffering. Laughing


You may find that I take the funniest things dead seriously and am able to turn any funny conversation into a serious one. I can also just seemingly randomly find something funny and no one else will get it but that is just me Wink.


Hate. Hate has been a big part of my life. I take it seriously, too. So if your talking and you say something like "I hate you", "I hate my life", or anything like that, even if you were just kidding, I take it dead seriously.


I love music. Music is great, me and my friends will be singing (my friends sing, I can't, lol) and we'll be having fun and I just love music. I make remixes and mashups and my friends' talents and I upload them to my website for us to show our friends and family.


Hobbies- I have a few. I like soccer (played it since age of 2), reading, using the computer, playing piano... the list goes on and on but that is all I am going to list.


I love reading but unlike most  boys my age, I enjoy short poems, stories, or letters that have to do with love, emotions, that kind of stuff. I also like action and mysteries and those kind of stories too but I find poems more meaningful.


I am not afraid to be myself. I used to care what everyone think of me and I always wanted to fit in, but, I have started anew, I will only be myself and I like it. No one really makes fun of me for being myself and it is much easier to make friends and be yourself than it is to pretend to be somebody your not. So if your trying to fit in wherever you are, stop. Just be yourself!


I have a lot more to say about me, but no need to post it where everyone can see it.


If you read all the way through, thank you!