Nov 10, 2014
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I am a student of Economics (M.Sc.) at the University of Münster, North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany! There, I am an active member of the Schachklub Münster 1932. e.V.

Please visit my Website

ShoptheWall is an eCommerce StartUp-Company on the basis of artificial intelligence. Have a look and check if you can find what you like! Please message me if you want to learn more about this project!

I have vast experience in analytical and strategical thinking, and I am a strong communicator. In English and Spanish I possess fluency and have already spent 4 years of my life abroad! Should you want to add me as a business contact, please don't hesitate:


I analyze interesting chess games that fall into the categories that best describe my own style:

- creative

- agressive

- highly dynamic

For my chess blog here on as well as some of my games, please visit (and scroll down):

For my annotated chess games, as well as grandmaster game analysis and non-chess related content, please find me on youtube:

For my international official game statistics on FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs), the international Chess Federation, find me here:

For my chess statistics according to the German rating system (DWZ= "Deutsche Wertungszahl") and an overview of my rating as well as my individual performance rating, find me here:

For a collection of my official rated chess games in international tournaments or the German league (="Verbandsliga") please check:

For an overview of my international tournament games and opponents from 2013 onwards, please be redirected to:

And that is it. I hope you find the provided material useful if you would like to learn about my take on chess. Please have a nice day now and enjoy life! :-)

Best, Bendix