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A quote before you move on: Haters try to destroy you, not because they don't see your power, it's because they recognise your power and they don't want it to exist. 

If you have an idea for my blog, feel free to drop me a note. You will be shoutouted if your idea gets chosen. If your idea isn't chosen, don't feel sad. I might use it later. And I'm not making off topic blogs now. I'm also not gifting any memberships. Don't ask me to even gift it.

Any queries or concerns? Mail me at coolboi200711@outlook.com 

About me:

I'm a boy

Ambition: Aerospace engineer

Nationality: Indian

My favorite car is the Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder because it looks cool, and its a convertible which adds a cooler look to the car 

My favorite plane is the Airbus A350-1000 XWB cause it looks cool and it's very fuel efficient, which can help to save our environment 

My club: Chess Legends Academy

My YouTube channel: Furious Raptor

My favorite song: https://youtu.be/6enZdk9LTqs

My blog: Cool Blogs

Don't ask me for my personal information. I wanna keep that private. Also, don't get on my nerves. 

I don't accept "If you join my club, I will join yours" offers. It's irritating. I'm accepting invites, but I join the clubs very rarely.

I accept friend requests only from users who are 6 months or older on this site. Friends I added before I made this rule who is not 6 months old on this website don't count.

Thanks for reading! Peace out! ✌✌