Hi happy.png I've started playing chess since the beginning of the summer of 2021 (July)
I first started in mid-June when I learned the rules. It took me about a week to learn how the pieces move and in late June, I started playing a bit more. In July, is when I took chess seriously and got

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a little story of my chess journey 

     I remember that it was somewhere near July when I first started playing chess, it was before my grade 7 graduation, and I was moving into high school. I remember that it was after school, and I was bored. I was bored so I looked for some games to play.

     I was bored that I went on Roblox and for some reason, I searched for chess. I don’t remember why I searched for chess, maybe because my classmates were playing chess and that got me into chess. I found chess and I started playing it.

     I didn’t understand how the pieces move at first, it was confusing how they would move in different directions. My opponent would capture all my pieces and I couldn’t understand how I could not capture any of their pieces. I would always get checkmated in just a few moves.

     I had no idea about castling, promotion, and en passant. I thought that it was the rook that promotes when it reaches the end of the board when I first started. It was not easy for me to understand. As time went on, I slowly started to understand the special rules of chess after I learned how the pieces move.

     I decided to learn how the pieces move first, it’s the first thing that can help me win. There were lines showing where the pieces move in the game which helped me out a lot. I started getting the hang of it and I slowly understood how the pieces move.

     After I learned how the pieces move, I found a helpful video on YouTube made by GothamChess. It was the video that showed me all the special moves and I learned a lot from it. I’ve seen other videos made by other people, but they just didn’t help.

     I have no idea why I kept going, even though the rules are confusing and how the game was confusing. Something about me thought that it was a great idea to keep going, even though I should have given up. Checkmating was the hardest part for me to learn back then, I would just go for a draw if possible.

     I might have signed up for on July 4 probably because I had a zoom lesson that might use July 5 was my first chess lesson; it was on zoom. It was about 2.5 hours long and I attended it for a week.On the first day, they asked me why I wanted to learn chess, I had no idea. I never really thought about it when I first started. I just said that I thought it was fun and I want to get better at it.

    The lessons were fun, there were a few other kids, some younger and some around my age. We did a lot of puzzles, and we analyzed some chess positions. The lessons were helpful, and the person teaching explained everything in detail. It was a lesson that I couldn’t forget.

     After the lessons, I felt better at chess. I saw chess differently and not as a board with action figures on it. I saw tactics and checkmate patterns that I have never seen before. I started to enjoy playing chess and I enjoyed it with all my heart.

     I played chess mostly on Roblox, but then I eventually switched to I kind of wished that I started chess on because my games didn’t save back then. I wish that I could find them and laugh at them. I’m sure that I made some stupid moves back then.

     The chess on Roblox was not that good but I did enjoy the 3D pieces. Some of the themes of the pieces in the game were a bit too bright and hard to see, which caused many blunders. It was fun back then when I was still a beginner, I enjoyed it.

     After moving to around August, I found communities and groups about chess there. It motivated me to keep going and keep playing chess as a hobby. I got addicted to chess during those months and I would play a lot every day and night.

     When school started, I didn’t have a lot of time to play chess. I was still into chess, but homework and schoolwork slowly brought me and chess apart. The only good thing about school was that I was able to find people there who also like chess and we would hang out together at lunch and play chess every day.

     I want to become a chess grandmaster, but it seems impossible. I would have to dedicate my life to chess which I’m willing to do. The only thing that I’m worried about is that I won’t be able to make a lot of money. I want to do what I enjoy doing, like playing chess, but as they always say, “Hobbies don’t make money.” I would have to find a job that could make actual money and I might have to give up on chess at some point. Right now, I’m trying to enjoy chess as much as I can and have as much fun as I can.

     I wish to keep going but I will have to go to college or university at some point which might bring me and chess farther away. I would be busy all day studying for exams, and I wouldn’t have any energy left to play chess. I will do whatever I can to enjoy chess as much as possible right now.


to be honest, the first time I’ve started playing chess was when I was really young I think when I was like 5 or 6 years old? I found chess on my mom’s old laptop and I thought the action figures were really cool but I couldn’t figure out how to play so that’s how I never learned back then. In grade 4, I remember how one of my friends tried to teach me how to play chess but it was really confusing and I didn't learn a single thing.
I got my first chess set on December 14, 2021

                                                     “You don’t miss the past, you miss having fun”

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