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Georgia Abbott
Melbourne, Australia
Apr 10, 2008
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May 17, 2017
Supporting member since Mar 20, 2010
July 2014: I started chess playing regularly when I joined Chess.com, which was apparently April 10, 2008. Before that I knew how the pieces moved, but I'd only played about a dozen games. . Because I'm far too lazy to read chess books or do training courses, my aim was to learn - just - by - playing. It's been slow going (6 years, really?), but I've steadily improved. I like that this approach seems to make for an often unconventional playing style! . The more I pick up, the more complexity I can see in the game. If I could be bothered thinking more than a move ahead, I'd prolly do even better. But you know - as I said, I'm lazy. Besides, I like to surprise myself! . This is also the first site I ever used to chat to other people on the web. I figured a chess site is a nice little filter - I mean, even if someone is a axe-murdering stalker, at least they play chess! . I play chess for fun, but also as a form of brain maintenance - doctors say you have to exercise your brain as you slip past middle age. Seems like chess is a fun and interesting way to keep the old mind active - so challenge me any time and let's stave off alzheimer's together. :-)
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