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I have the power of the waves and control every movement of the ocean. I am Poseidon, proud son of Cronus (The God of Time) and Rhea (The Goddess of The Earth). My close siblings are Hades (The God of The Dead), Demeter (The Goddess of Harvest), Hestia (The Goddess of The Hearth, Home, and Hospitality), Hera (The Goddess of Women, Marriage, and Childbirth), Zeus (The God of The Sky and Thunder), and Chiron (Is considered as a centaur, but the God of Medicine, Music, Prophecy, and Hunting). My consorts include Amphitrite (The Goddess of The Sea), Aphrodite (The Goddess of Love and Beauty), and Demeter (The Goddess of Harvest). My various different children contain Theseus (A Demi-God, often remembered for slaying King Minos of Crete's Minotaur for the safety of the people of Athens), Triton (The God of The Sea, known as one of my sons), Polyphemus (Own as a Cyclops), Orion (The God of The Human Excellence of Hunting), Belus (One of The Many Gods of War), Agenor (Known As The King of Tyre), Neleus (A Mythological King of Pylos), Atlas (The God of Strength and Endurance), Pegasus (Considered As A Horse-God), Chrysaor (Not a Huge Role In Greek-Mythology, but was the brother of Pegasus), and last but not least, Kymopoleia (The Goddess of Violent Seas and Storms). 

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