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Mike Genkin
Los Angeles, United States
Sep 30, 2012
Last Login
Jan 23, 2016

Hi my name is Mike. I am 28 years old. Been playing chess on and off since I was about 14. I never had a trainer, so everything I learned was from tactic puzzles, playing lots of games against players better than myself and not being afraid of losing to them as it will only make me stronger! Recently I got back into chess after a 5 years of not playing for reasons i don't want to make public but if you'd like to add me as a friend and get to know me, then I might let you know why. My goal now is to play mostly long games and teach myself patience as I used to only play bullet and blitz and hated playing slow games or slowly. I am also going to finally study theory, openings and endgames which are my weak points. Hopefully if I am successful then by the ripe age of 30 I can play steadily at a 2000 level and thus play my first open tournament and hopefully attain an elo of 2000+ and then by the age of 35 hopefully with a lot of hard work and if all my stars align correctly I can achieve a FIDE Master title! I know that usually you have to start at a very young age, when your mind is like a fresh new and dry sponge ready to absorb everything put in it's path, but I feel like if I only chose chess instead of being a jock as a child and had a coach and all, I would've been able to master chess by now, but since I took a different path and started playing chess in my teenage years and never had a coach or basicslly any help, and yet was able to teach myself the game and throughout the years, even after a 5 year break I was able to improve in my skill and strength, that just tells me that if continue playing and truly focus on all aspects of my game and truly want it, which I do, then you'll see that one day whether it's before or after the set age I predicted, you'll see that my handle will be Genkstar85 FM! And not because I changed my handle to add the FM but because I will earn it!

So if you believe in yourself and truly love the game of chess as I do, don't give up ever, whether you are 10 years old or 70 years old, have a rating of 500 or 2100, if you just push yourself to accomplish set goals you'll be amazed at what you can be able to achieve!

I am willing to add anyone as a friend, so please don't hesitate to request me, or send me a message. If you are stronger than I am and are willing to play me, analyze my game(s), or give me pointers, I'd be very much obliged! If you want to play me, just send me a challenege request or a message and if I'm not swamped with current games, then I'll be more than happy to play anybody, weaker to stronger. But please don't feel rejected if I decline your game request, its most likely because I just have way too many concurring games going on, which is usally around 50-60+. If you want to play a Live game i.e. 1-120minute game, please message me first and we'll set up a time and day when I am able to play a Live Game. Otherwise, if you challenge me for an Online Game i.e. Turn Based Game, then the longer the time say 7, 10, 14 days, will get you a better chance of getting the game with me even if I am swamped since with that many days, I won't be pressed on to make all my moves in all my games right away.

Also if you are a beginner to intermediate player who is looking to improve your chess and would like to get some pointers, have a game or two analyzed, have a lesson or two, or have me as their coach, then feel free to message me about it. Since I really never taught anyone and I don't know whether I'll be a good coach or if i'll suck, I don't feel like I should charge someone for it, but if I help you and you see that your chess skill and rating are improving i.e. getting a new high rating and or beating players that you used to not able to, then you can feel free to send me a donation of what you feel is fair, what you believe your improvement is worth to you!

Anyways, I hope to make new friends from all over the world. You can communicate with me by English (Primarily) but I also understsand Russian and also some French!

Lets all enjoy the greatest board game ever created in the in history of the Universe!

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