Lichess username is geoffreytoad

FIDE ID 30995361

NCS ID N08167985 rating 1102

I love video games. is like a video game. My coach is making me better for live team matches against other countries. I love collecting the passports for playing other countries. I love it when I get awards 😀

I am an ADMIN for Hawaii. I want to know all the great chess players on my teams.

The books I am currently reading are:

1. The official rules of chess 7th edition by Tim Just so I can pass my USCF local tournament director test soon.
2. Chess Quiz by Fred Reinfeld to help me solve my puzzles better.

3. The Kings Indian Attack by John Hall so I know 5 openings to help me get to my middle game.

4. Winning with the English Opening by Andrew Solis because I want to know what it is like playing  the Sicilian Defense as white.

5. Alekhine Defense by Norman Weinstein because I want to know a hypermodern defense.

6. The Bishop’s Opening by Gary Lane  because I need to know The Urusoff Gambit.

7. The Benoni by William R. Hartston so I have a good defense  for black.

8. Discover the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit volumes 1-5.

9. The Blackmar-Diebert Gambit by Charles Diebert.

10. Chess Life Magazine