Won, lost or a drawn game doesn't matter for as long as the enjoyment on the never ending wonders of this game will be maintained and appreciated. Former high school varsity alternate player at the University of San Jose-Recoletos from 1977 to 1981 while at the same time I maintained my other academic scholarship. Affiliated with Cebu Executive & Professional Chess Association (CEPCA) since 1989. Presently chess is one way of relieving stress & fatigue from work, nothing more nothing less. With this amazing, well-engineered, and friendly site (which is courtesy of Mr Erik & staff), definitely this is just one of the best place to hang out and unwind. Come on guys, let's play, have fun, and share pleasant moments.. And I like listening to the music and singing during my spare time even though my voice quality is really not that good, folk and standard music just make me feel relax. I'm fond of sharing jokes too with my friends during light moments in spite of the infinite crisis our world is facing. Chess and engineering are comparable in one way or the other because there is always a solution in every problem. On the other hand, life and chess have a certain degree of comparison too in my own point of view because for one reason or another I must have first to be wrong in order for me to learn what is right and sooner or later the decision making process will be getting better.. Have a nice day!