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Aug 8, 2007
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Aug 16, 2015
When it comes to opening preferences, I have noticed some predilections exist among players from localized geographical regions. One example is the Accelerated Dragon Sicilian among Scandinavian players. Another is the Benko Gambit among Americans. Finally there is the Grünfeld for Israelis. The temperament required to play these openings matches the culture of those areas. I will explain these temperaments. Scandinavian players like reserved solid systems where it is not necessary to lash out; it has something to do with being a minimalist . Americans like to sacrifice a pawn to gain open lines for their heavy pieces; it has something to do with the military-industrial complex. Israelis like a risky but beautiful opening; it has something to do with living in a dangerous but prosperous nation. The predilection of Israelis for the Grünfeld also has to do with the way the Grünfeld is the Holy Grail of Opening Theory.
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