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Emmett Smith
Pensacola, Florida, United States
Feb 21, 2009
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11 hrs ago
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I drove tanks in the army during the Viet Nam War era. Later I was a highschool history teacher, commercial artist and real estate broker (in North Carolina). I am now a free lance writer.

In 2012 I wrote a science fiction novel called "The Shadow of Olympus" which is available online from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble's web site. It is also available online via Outskirts Press' website, or call (888) 672-6657 to order the large paperback version. Almost 80% of its readers have loved it!  I am now writing its first sequel.

Dinosaurs are another passionate interest of mine (especially the carnivores). The one that I chose as my chess avatar was the most massive one known: the eight ton monster from Argentina, Giganotosaurus carolini. Its 6 feet long head included a huge pair of jaws that could engulf a horse-size animal whole! A human would have been a brief appetizer for it (if humans had existed during the Mesozoic). With serrated fangs that were 6 to 8 inches long it was able to kill any animal it encountered. It must have been a walking nightmare to meet!

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