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Chris Bam
Abuja, Nigeria
Dec 22, 2009
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3 hrs ago
I love God (Jesus & Holy Spirit) I love myself (wife & children), I love others (my Bible, family members, friends, growing spiritually, growing financially, growing in godly & skillful wisdom, gospel music, chess tournaments, humour, encouraging, adventure and so on and so on.....) In the early 90's, I started out chess in a local club under the eyes of the State's coach, Mr. Chris Ojeleye. I played my first recognised Augusto under 20 chess tournament in 1994. Despite my regular attendance and devotion to chess between 1994-1999, the only prize I won was 3rd position prize in the u-20 in 1996. I left the chess scene until 2004, my coach called me to play for the State in National sports festival, Abuja, 2004. It was this same tournament that the Lord Almighty redeemed all my years of chess and helped me till I won a chess gold medal. To HIM alone be all the glory! Like one speaker said "Our God is the greatest chess grandmaster" I believe him, for truly God is the greatest planner, he sees everything, he knows the intent of the hearts of men,He is a great strategist,He can not lose on time,He cannot be checkmated nor zugswanged,His moves(ways) are excellent and so on....... Simply put "chess mirrors life"
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