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United States
Aug 27, 2011
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13 days ago
God bless all... i started getting more into chess while i attended pennstate back in the day but i never joined a team or anything- just casual games every now and then against a roomate and whatnot and online play...i plan to play otb one day though :D ...im one of those guys that thinks chess is more about hard work than is about talent- since im intellectually lazy i study at a rather slow pace- if not i'll get bored...i dont really have any book knowledge or anything so pretty much all of my knowledge concerning chess is from just playing games- i started playing chess on msn zone back in the old days and then went to fics back in 2000 and thats where i played many online lightning games...since i started playing chess i will guesstimate that i have played somewhere between 40 to 60 thousand games...90 percent being lightning, 9 percent blitz and 1 percent standard (almost all of the games i ever played were while i was inebriated leaving little to none while sober- you can say basically that everything i learned from playing was from a "handicapped" state. i havent really played many games of the variants but i am good at them naturally as i am in regular chess. having tried most of them at least once...wild (fischer random), crazyhouse, atomic, losers, suicide, bughouse etc. ...God bless all
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