Sep 16, 2016
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I     k n o w      o n e     a n d      o n l y       o n e     t h i n g      a b o u t      y o u .

You're the guy who eats your shirt during chess tourneys.

Haha! Anyway, hi. I'm-wait. Who am I?

Oh, right! I'm [Insert Name Here] and I am [Insert Age Here] years old. 

You want to know stuff about me? Um..hehe..uh..

OK, cut that!

All right, here are some actual stuff about me happy.png

  • -My favorite colors are blue and orange
  • -I have 1 dog named Sunshine (and used to have a cat named Lars, but he ran away sad.png
  • -I have no soul, no feelings--wait oh- I HAVE a soul and feelings.

I am Co-Captain and am playing for the Flaming Heat for CSL(Competitive Stars League). We are in 2nd place right now! grin.png

I am the official TM (Tilt Master), the first one ever. There was the Blundermaster title, and I decided there should be a TILT Master title.

Want to get the TM title? You must have tilted 100 points in 14 days.

Some quotes I like:

"It's nice to be nice to the nice" 

"It's not enough to be friendly. You have to be a friend" 

"Patzer see check, patzer play check"

My best game against a titled player:

More wins against Titled Players:

Thanks for reading! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay awesome! happy.png