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Well hello there!

My name is Jonathan Rasberry, I am a full-time college student who LOVES playing chess! I have been playing now for about 8 years, and my rating is now over 2100. I am a streamer on Twitch, have a website, and a Youtube channel all linked below!

I am also a chess teacher. As I said, I love learning the game and I search for people who do the same. One consequence of that is I have been able to learn from some of the best teachers around. I have been coached by the two-time delegate to coach the Canadian youth at the World Youth Championships, and have listened to for many hours via the Chessmaster program, Josh Waitzin, author of "The Art of Learning." My approach to teaching is, "Understand the game, don't just memorize it!" I teach all phases of the game, with endgames and middlegame strategies as my main focus!

Thanks for reading, take care all!


My Twitch: Dude Chess LIVE Stream

My Website: Rasberry Chess

My Youtube channel: Dude CHess