Hello! I'm a chess player from Indiana! 

I currently live in Tokyo

I enjoy playing blitz and puzzles. I also liked to play variants.

I'm a Cellist, and can also play the Piano

My goal is to try and get the CM title.

My one and only win against a Grandmaster one-on-one

                                                           Won by resignation


                      At least 50 wins against GM's in variants @NihalSarin 57 times alone,                                                                            with @Whereknight

                                     I was also able to get 1st place in a 4player game against @illingworth

                            Probably the highest rank i'll ever reach in chess or any other game


                                     Probably one of my favorite games i've played bUMwS2d2NVFmSFpSSFFYUWVnIVRiczZFZG05MGx0OCFjTTNWTVQwVG11VE12TTdNdU1WTW52RU5vRU5VZ28xVHB4ITFpeTEwano0NXpIUUh5SFlJYVcwOHNKOTFXMVUxa0ExSkNKNTRvdzRpZm5pcW5scXN4Rk1Gd0Y4MUVNVE1GTXNjdkRjZ01MMlVMQ2dlQ3ZlZmxuZmRES2R0dkM,.gif   

my past coaches: @Nickmatta and @bfoleyfire (For Chess)