Titled Player
Diamond Member Coach

Grandmaster since 2009, highest rating 2636 (August 2022). Professional coach with more than 25 years of playing experience.

Poland’s TOP 3 player (August 2021) and FIDE TOP 100 in rapid chess (August 2018). Polish Vice-Champion (2021).

Multiple Polish Championships Medallist, Bronze Medallist at European Rapid Championships (Warsaw 2007) and of the Summer Universiade (Kazan 2013). Polish Blitz Champion (2017). Bronze Medallist at the European Team Championships (Catez 2021) as well as Silver Medallist on Board 4 at the same event.

Represented Poland at many World and European Junior Championships. Winner of many Polish and international tournaments.

Member of top European teams from German (Schachfreunde Berlin), Belgian (Cercle d’Échecs Fontainois), Swedish (Visby Schackklubb) and Polish leagues (Wieża Pęgów). PRO Chess League 2019 Playoffs Qualifier with New York Marshalls!

Coach of the National Youth Chess Academy of the Polish Chess Federation (2012). Coach of the National Female Chess Team (2013).

Book writer - first book titled 'Universal Chess Training' published October 2020 with Thinkers Publishing.

Next book titled 'Supreme Chess Understanding: Statics & Dynamics' with Thinkers Publishing is in sale!

Regular contributor for MAT – the most popular chess magazine in Poland. Co-author of the book „Akiba Rubinstein współcześnie” (eng. Contemporary look on Akiba Rubinstein).

Available for individual training. Specializing in opening preparation, strategy, calculation as well as the decision-making process. Experienced in training amateurs, prodigies and professionals alike.

I can also teach you to play blindfold chess effortlessly <; or even how to beat World Champions! <

Available for lessons (100 USD/h) - please reach out to me on the server for more information.

Languages: English, Polish

Professional Student testimonies:

‘I am a grandmaster with almost 15 years of experience at 2600+ level and yet, GM Moranda was able to impress me at few online sessions we had.‘ - GM Mateusz Bartel

‘Mr Moranda's knowledge about openings is just impressive. (…) I am very pleased to work with him!’ - GM Paweł Teclaf

'He has been pushing me to the limits - as a result, my calculation skills have improved quite a bit.' - GM Koen Leenhouts

'[...] clearly the best prepared coach with whom I have worked so far.' - IM Tobias Koelle

‘None of the past coaches have been as prepared, dedicated, and communicative as GM Moranda.’ - IM Kyron Griffith

‘I can recommend this coach for everyone who wants to become a strong chess player!’ - IM Dawid Czerw

‘The quality of his teaching and his work ethics are of the highest standard. (...) If you want to make big steps forward with your chess, GM Moranda can definitely help you with achieving your goals!’ - FM Lukas Dotzer

‘Having trainings with GM Wojciech Moranda is an amazing experience. (…) Be prepared for HUGE rating gains!’ - FM Marcin Molenda

‘His theoretical and practical understanding of chess is amazing and he manages to convey it all with also entertaining training sessions. - FM Leonardo Costa

‘I have never met such a reliable, punctual and professional coach. Lessons with him are very pleasant because of his sense of humor and commitment. You can ask him whatever you want to - he will answer your every question.’ - FM Bartłomiej Niedbała

‘Mr. Moranda is the best coach I have come across in my career. He has the ability to explain complex topics in a very understandable and clear way.’ - FM Mieszko Miś

‘Mr. Moranda is a one-of-a-kind coach who helped me see things that I hadn't even thought of before. The classes are extremely well prepared and help not only to fix even the most invisible weaknesses, but also to strengthen the best sides of the player.’ - WFM Michalina Rudzińska

Amateur Student Testimonies:

'i am an "adult improver" -- a lifetime A Player making a mid-life assault on the vaunted 2200 milestone. I came to Wojciech about 8 months ago because I was tired of trying to teach myself ad hoc by means of reading random books, watching random videos, and playing sporadically in OTB tournaments. As the CEO of a growing company and father of 3 kids, I have very little time for chess, so I must be efficient with training. I read the glowing reviews of Wojciech by other students--some of whom included IMs and GMs--and thought it would be a good match. And it has been! Trainings are entertaining, fun, and eye-opening. Wojciech has taught me how to think more accurately, provided powerful algorithms, served up challenging assignments, and adapted his approach to my constraints. Perhaps most impressively, he created from scratch a bespoke, comprehensive opening repertoire for me, which I have been studying via Chessable. He invested a lot of time putting this together. Prior to his coaching, my opening was probably the weakest part of my game--with opening knowledge equal to that of a C player. What will happen now that I have a bespoke repertoire equal to that of an IM/GM? If initial OTB and online play is a gauge, very good things! The TLDR--Wojciech is a dynamic, compelling, kind coach who knows how to deliver on the mission. Trust me--you'll feel lucky to get to work with him.' - RookRooky

‘Having great understanding of the game is one thing, but being able to teach it to students of varying strength requires a totally different skillset. GM Moranda possesses both in abundance, and I am extremely happy to work with him.’ - insomniclimbomaniac

‘He has a very good ability in identifying my weaknesses and explaining it to me in a way that I can quickly understand. This further extends to his methodical choice in homework sets that are provided to students which are suitable (challenging, but still manageable with the requisite level of effort) to increase their chess abilities. I've found that he's also very fast with responding to emails regarding small, quick questions about chess and homework tasks outside of lessons.’ - Rookyplayer45

‘Wojciech is simply fantastic in explaining things and is very patient too. He is always punctual for our lessons and every lesson adds more firepower to my game. Between lessons he is always available to answer any questions I may have and replies to my emails promptly. A totally dedicated professional who I am proud of to have as my coach.’ - MaximusXIV

‘The lessons flow as smooth as a Frederic Chopin piano piece. Wojciech is a funny guy who has proven to me that he cares about the game and importantly the students progress. GM Moranda is a certified Beast as a player and Coach!’ - losingisfun3000

‘I'm absolutely amazed by his skill and love for the game aswell as his incredible professionalism and dedication when it comes to teaching. (...) Honestly, I've never expected such a level of support by a chess teacher.’ - hintern

‘I have had the pleasure to work with GM Moranda for ten months. During our cooperation, my game level increased by three hundred fide rating points and is still growing!’ - RandomChicken

'Besides excellent opening analysis he offers inspiring calculation training which made me tactically sharp' - XYZ