Jul 1, 2016
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It's nice to be able to come here and feel I am among others. However, I must work on important projects. I will pop in once in a while nonetheless. happy.png

Solutions to world economic problems:   See how the Federal Reserve is hurting financially responsible people and how it destroys the country in making an economy ruining and society breaking wide wealth divide:
Youtube channel: Real Economy. I have another channel as well and dozens of web sites but no need to overload this area.

Still trying to get the USPS to compensate me for giving them the idea of the Forever Stamp. They actually admit I am first on record of any mention of the idea yet they choose to play games with me.

Here's another contribution (share with all you know so we could get this available. I tried getting Bob's Red Mill to produce it but evidently I am just a nobody):

Not every day, but when the opportunity presents itself, make somebody's day by giving a well-deserved compliment. You may even feel down at the time but may provide you with a little pick up (but don't do it for this reason!).

I stopped listening to music and wasn't into it anyway. Do not watch soccer o/w called football outside of USA, stopped watching TV years ago and refuse to go to movie theaters. No Netflix also. My life is my movie. I do not need to watch fictitious renditions of others. I do not read magazines. I know of the most important people that affect our lives - Federal Reserve top people, Lagarde and some important political figures. Sports and such knowledge goes back far though know a little about NBA from being interested in player statistics.

Any modern people in pop culture I probably wouldn't know of except in few cases.