Sep 2, 2013
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9 hrs ago

A Senior Manager/ Sr. Executive/ CEO/ IT (ORACLE EBS / INFOR Geac System 21 - IBM AS400) professional with extensive technical knowledge and a track record for delivering high quality work on time and on budget. 13+ years of extensive experience in the IT Industry focused on analysis, development, testing implementation, marketing and customer support of various software applications...........: Special Note -> Dear user, I never use computers during my games & never abandon games (if server is saying so, it is lying). I try to improve my chess skills/abilities. So PLEASE, if you want to play with me, be so kind and do not use computers/chess engines. I do not play against any computers, neither mine nor yours, until you want to cheat & force me to play against yours. And one more thing: please, don't play with me using dubious openings. I like to develop and train what I have learned so I would like to play what can be of help during my normal-time games OTB. If you play against me using an opening crap that is never used in long-time-control-games, I will block you after such games - I do not learn then and I try to avoid wasting my time. Good luck to every honest player!!!