Dec 22, 2017
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Not-So Pro Blitz Chess LeagueNot-So PRO Chess LeagueNot-So Pro  Daily Chess League90494.bab34ecb.160x160o.6db2a93d0cd6.pngphphZ9l5K.pngphpZDUsUR.png

Not-So Pro Chess League results!

Played with the Chess Dominators in Not-So Pro Chess league Season 9. Missed the playoffs.

b1: @chesssky2 b2: @NC008 b3: @GoPikachu b4: @Fabstinkx b5: @K-O-24-B-E

Captain of "K.N.I.G.H.T.S." in Season 7. (Placed 11th being the only team to defeat First place team Chess Vikings in round 2) happy.png

Thank you @gwisf , @JosTim , @NYknight631 and @JayHunterBrickwood for playing on my team!

Played with "P.A.W.N.S." in Season 6. (Placed top 16)

Thank you @Thegreatauk @NYknight631 @I_Am_Sher_Locked @sougataghosh for letting me on your team.

Subbed for with NSPCL Perfects in Season 5.

Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League results!

Captain of "Chess Family V3.0 in Season 3. (Placed 10th)

b1: @chesskid1220 b2: @H_Sadah b3 @GoPikachu b4: @E4orce b5: @Nabanita99 b6: @Nata_8778

Also got second in the fantasy.

 Captain of "Online Chess Dinosaurs" in Season 2. (Placed 4th.)

b1: @Schachmasteo b2: @chessguy1012 (now @chesssky2) b3: @GoPikachu b4:  @schaakmat2 b5: @cyboo b6: @pranshulmadan

Played with "Online Chess Dinosaurs" in  Season 1. (Placed 3rd)

Online Chess Dinosaurs phpxw2uxv.png
@chessguy1012 (now @chesssky2




Not-So Pro Variants Chess League results!

Played with "United Players Of" in Season 1. Placed 4th after being first after 8 rounds and then losing the semi-finals and 3rd place match. I won the fantasy while the team got 1st for the regular season and 3rd for most active team.

Regular Season Most Active Fantasy
1st Place: 3rd Place: 1st Place:
United Players of United Players of @GoPikachu

b1: @GoPikachu b2: @AmritRaunak24 b3: @kraunak60 b4: @Twickenham2014 

Played with "The Flaggers" in Team Bullet League(league closed now). (Placed 2nd!)

Thank you @vominhtriet @MathSam57 for reaching 2nd place with me!

Ultra Bullet Chess League wins:

Won First place in the UBCL U1800 Section.

Placed 3rd in the UBCL Variants

My streaks in 1 minute King of the Hill arenas!