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Graham Foster
Wigan, Wigan, United Kingdom
Jan 11, 2010
Last Login
Oct 10, 2014
I’m afraid I’m a bit of Chess Philistine in that I don’t really care about openings and set pieces etc. but that’s mainly because I couldn’t remember them if I tried..lol. I guess that doesn’t matter too much at the level I’m playing at, leastwise if my opponent uses them I wouldn’t know. I Enjoy Chess for its interesting and infinite little problems however I enjoy the social aspect of it just as much or more, surly a bit of banter/chat has gone on since the very beginning of the game. I understand in competitions and at very high level you may have to concentrate solely on chess and no chat. For most though chat doesn’t hinder at all. I’d better add, this doesn’t mean I’ll badger people and/or try to make everyone talk. I just enjoy it if they do and those that did I’ll re-play as many times as they’re willing. For all my faults I think I’m an ok player and on “the” day can beat people who are usually much better than me; it keeps them on their toes..lol. I suppose if there is anything that could make me your favourite opponent it my unpredictable style an mainly; the shear quantity of mistakes I make, very often in the end game and too late to make up. So many people have been let off the hook by my mistakes it’s unreal. One thing though, its great to feel the delight emanating from them when it happens. If I’m winning I usually gloat and wind my opponent up so that instantly changes and humble pie is the dish of the day, great fun.
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