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Irene schulz

ohio, United States
May 30, 2010
Last Login
Jun 11, 2013

CoolSince I lived for many years, the best description of myself I can give is that I:" I love people, I love to play chess, I love tp play Cards, we play Canaster, Hand and Foot, and most of the time we play Changi Rum... I was born in Germany, and visited there several times.  We only have a second Cousin living there now, since my Husband Mother passed away... He to is from Germany... But we met here in America through a mutual fiend of ours... We have been married for 51 years now.... And have 4 Children and 7 Grandchildren...and one Greatgranddaughter, who died in Childbirth.... We owned and operated a Pastry Shop for many years.... We are now retired and enjoying the freedom that comes with it....   One story which I love to tell, is this We came on the MS Berlin Passanger Boat in 1955, w first came to New York, were a friend from my Aunt met us on the Boat...He showed us NY somewhat, and we were amazed at the big Buildings, and the Statue of Liberty.... He then put us on the Bus.  In Germany we always loved to sit in the back.. So we went straight back, were all the blacks where siting... We made the heads of the white people turn in unbelief... My Mom and Stepfather sat in  one seat, and I sat next to a young black man...He was eating potato Chips, which I never seen or tasted for that matter.... He had the biggest smile on His face, which I will never forget...He handed me the first potato Chip I ever ate, and I loved them....That was our first day in America...

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