Greetings All! 

I have been crowned the 2023 4-Player-Chess Solo World Champion!! Currently Top-10 highest-rated 4PC player in Solo and FFA.  Now taking 4 Player Chess students who wish to improve their game. 

If you are interested in taking lessons, send me a private message!  

I also stream on twitch:

About Me:

I am currently enrolled in collegiate studies for a degree in architecture.  I have won many tournaments and awards both in standard time controls and blitz.  I am passionate about chess and helping others find the same satisfaction and success that I have received in this beautiful game! 

Along with being obsessed with chess, I am somewhat of a tactics hobbyist...

Below are some of my favorite original tactics:

(This tactic is not only my all-time favorite, but the hardest one I've ever created.  At depth =35 stockfish will finally find the solution but even the computer cannot find the solution on low depth! Find the only way to save white.)

(Find the fastest way to win)

(Find the fastest mate)

(Find the fastest way to win)