I have been playing chess since I was 9 and being my hobby ever since. My father taught me the basic rules. Before I found this awesome site, I could not play it regularly since I rarely met friends who have the same hobby. I was not really good in chess theories, I just played it naturally and logically. Now, after I joined this website and learned a lot from the articles, blogs, and my friends, I am still not a fan of "moves by the book". I just know (or maybe to be exact I am just interested to know) some of them, the basic main lines of some Openings. After several first moves, I love to mix it with my own line. It is fun to do that! happy.png) I mean, what is the fun to play with moves by the book? It is just memorising and not really thinking... Well, it is just my own opinion, no offense for those who disagree with me.. wink.png