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I am the founder and managing director of Modern Chess . Our mission is to provide the chess community with a structured educational approach which allows our customers to study chess even without a trainer. Here is our TEAM.

There are two main directions within the scope of Modern Chess:

  • OPENING DATABASES - leading theoreticians like GM Boris Avrukh, GM Evgeny Postny, GM Kiril Georgiev share their opening repertoire with the readers. 
  • MODERN CHESS MAGAZINE - every issue contains articles which cover important aspects like opening preparation, middlegame pawn structures, endgame series, tactical ideas and different practical aspects. Given the fact that the articles are interrelated, we could say that MODERN CHESS MAGAZINE  is a digital educational platform. Among the authors, you could find the names of GM Mihail Marin, GM Davorin Kuljasevic, GM Viktor Gavrikov (RIP).

Here are the articles that I have written for the magazine:

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