Oct 12, 2016
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GM from Barcelona.

Available for training games and lessons. My rates are 30 euros for lesson (1hour and a half) and 20 euros for one hour of training games.

Playing chess since 2001. I started giving lessons in 2003.
I made the IM title pretty easy, in 2005 I already made all the norms and achieved the rating, but then I struggled a lot to achieve the GM title (I made my last norm in 2018), because I struggled so hard I think I know which is the way to improve, what is important and what is a waste of time in terms of chess improvement.
My training is focused mainly in openings and middlegame and is based in two things: analyze the game of the student to try to find the weakness in his game, and learn to improve that, and also building a strong repertoire with white and black pieces to fight for advantage with both colours.
I will use Skype, Chessbase and Lichess inteface to do the lessons and training games. The lesson will be done it with a share screen on Skype using a Chessbase board. After the lesson I will send to the student all the material we have done in a Chessbase file. I'm open to add new ideas or tools if my student wants to.
Languages: English and Spanish.