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Gypsy Dance
In my magic bus Scheherazade, Australia
Jul 13, 2010
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24 days ago


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. 

Winston Churchill



Hallow chess friends, I hope you’re smiling and having a happy day.  Thank you for having me here at chess.com. I’d just like to thank everyone involved with chess.com and especially those who play with me. And thanks to the organizers, I like your work and really appreciate the time and effort you’ve all put into this project.    My main goal in chess at the moment is to reach 1050 level and hold it strong for at least a month. Then I’m gonna buy this really nice wooden chess set I saw on e-bay. My greatest achievement in chess so far is winning a game against my Dad a couple of weeks ago. That was the first time ever, so bring it on. (Update) : I reached 1150 and my mate, bought me this really nice Super Chess Set. I will put up some photos of it later on. But hay . . . . i regularly win against the old man now 2:1 easily. I like the romance of chess as much as the technical aspect of the game and prefer to play somewhere chilled, one on one rather than a tournament setting. So playing under a tree buy the lake or in a quiet café with the warm smell of coffee wafting past really adds to the vibe of chess for me. Probably the greatest thing chess does for me, as I’m noncompetitive   ( so long as I’m winning ) is that since getting into it , my mind has really opened up to different aspects of life that I found too hard to comprehend before. So chess seems to strengthen my mind and I use chess kind of like a gymnasium for my brain. Hope to play you soon, keep chessing and dance like a gypsy. Hey groovers, i'd love to be all your friends but please, i would prefer to be invited for a chess challenge as a bit of a get to know ya before clicking up as chess friends. If our play is fun and groovy then i'm sure a friendship would ensue . . . . cheers.  


My lifes' mantra : It all works out for the best in the end.  If it's not the best,then it's not the end.


Allways be aware  : In pursuit of who you want to be,  be aware of what you become.


Simple advice    : Allways be absolutely true to your spirit.


No# 1 rule in life : Never hurt or cause harm to another being.


The best thing you can possibly do in this world is to give and show full respect for all things around you. Accept each others differences and celibrate them.    

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