Sorry but I'll never show my face!

Please join my club before read this: https://www.chess.com/club/haminhg4s-friend-club/join (add friend me too, I'll accept as soon as possible)

Watch some videos I like:
Something about me:

Name: You almost know

Age: **

Younger sister: @Linh_Chess

Best friend: @blitz_player_1906, @milky_cloudy, @group2k10k, @HanIsMe, @W-Darkness-W

My friends that I have met offline: @blitz_player_1906

Youtube channels I like: GameToons, ACAPLANET, GameToons Gaming, Flash in Rahul, Rodamrix,...

Streamers follow: @LileKoridze

Some friends play with me a lot: @khoadepzailaicho2010, @blitz_player_1906, @group2k10k,..

Friends in both Twitch and chess.com: @Happy-Khan, @benwin77 (Add friend me in Twitch: ElpazHappy)

Block FOREVER: @AustinMunsinger (This guy chat soooo toxic)

Some guys chat with me:

@benwin77: Good at bullet(He beat me again!), can challenge him

@blitz_player_1906 : Funny and we are friends in another web chess

@milky_cloudy: Nothing to say about :>

@evelaina : very toxic but you don't need to know :>

@Kazuha2k12 : New to chat with me but chat really cute >v<

@SkidReplica: Have some accounts and not ready to play this account :>

@group2k10k : Always chat about each other games but still fun!

@joelnieves : We have been argued each other but now we are friends

@Saruka_Haruno20: My sister in chess.com :>>>, can understand my feeling

@Xx_Ocean_26: Can always chat and very helpful. 

@W-Darkness-W: ~Secret account~ but very friendly :>

@HanIsMe: Best friend!! Thanks so much:>

Enjoy my own horror story, thanks!

You can challenge me Daily but Unrated, add friend me if you want :>

The truth is I like Captain, this is some of his picture: