Hello reader, I am Harsh from India. My age is 18+ and I am an administrator of many clubs. I am the owner of my club Chess.com Wizards which has 600+ members. 

Join Link: https://www.chess.com/club/chess-com-wizards [Press the join button after clicking the link]

We also have 5 titled players in our club(1 NM, 1 CM, 1 FM, 1 IM and the last very special title 1 BM). Now you might be wondering what's BM title so it's the title held by me 😂, I am a BM ( Blunder Master).

Friend Me: https://friend.chess.com/qMpIDQ

I give chess tips and coaching to my student @PRADYUMNTRIPATHI2007

Join these Amazing clubs👇, Here I am holding a status of a:-

1) Super Admin in 

2) Admin in

3) Coordinator in

I organize events for these clubs👇

  1. iChess [as a Coordinator]
  2. Cr7 Club [as a Coordinator]
  3. Prodigies of Chess  [as a Coordinator]
  4. The Shadow Ninjas - TSN [as an Coordinator]
  5. Chess Fate  [as an Admin]
  6. SAARC  [as an Admin]
  7. The Big Brains of Chess - TBBOC  [as an Admin]

Here's the list of my some people who I know a lot:-

@ARTMASTER777 - He is my best friend currently and talks to me a lot in DM.

@INZLF - He is a FM, and a good chess coach.

These people have requested me to add their names to my profile in future:-


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My best match against a bot



My best win in whole chess career 


I am also a double titled player.